Framers... Is there any way to detect whether an element contains a text inset 
and code conditional behavior for it in the EDD?

Scenario: In a mature EDD/template I have a group of para tags that are used to 
format example lines of source code, each of which occupy their own element. 
Source code lines can either be entered explicitly into the document, or by 
means of an ASCII text inset. 

For reasons to do with the design of the document, the EDD applies a different 
para tag to the last line (element) in a code listing to create space below.

This works just fine when the code lines are explicitly within the parent 
document. However, when the code sample is coming from an (ASCII) text inset, 
it occupies a single element only, FrameMaker triggers the {last} rule, and the 
'last' para tag gets applied to the whole inset. This results in incorrect line 
spacing for all the inset's contents.

A complete redesign of all para tags might get round this, but I'm trying to 
find a solution that doesn't require such a massive 'drains up' job: I have to 
keep one eye on backward compatibility, too.

An {only} rule wouldn't work here, as it would be triggered by both a single 
code line/element and by a single multi-line inset.

All ideas would be welcome.


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