For those of you producing PDFs, Adobe's announcement today that they are
turning over PDF to ISO should be very good news. No longer will Adobe be
the one deciding what goes into the PDF specification, but a standards body
will. The situation with PDF will be like other standards, such as TIFF and
JPEG. Right now Adobe owns PDF but publishes the specification for all to

The bad news is ISO moves more slowly than Adobe, so we are likely to see
changes much more slowly than in the past.

Note: Adobe is not turning Acrobat and Reader over to ISO, just the PDF file
format. Adobe will sit on the ISO committee and ask that it begin by
accepting the current 1.7 specification, but after that it is up to the ISO
committee to define PDF and its subsets, such as PDF/A.

The blog entries cited below have links to all the official documents.

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