I've never tried it but I assume that it's possible to do since much of 
the shipping UI is built using the FDK. There is a sample dialog box 
template provided with the FDK that uses Kanji .. 
samples/dre/jtemplat.dre .. you might try posting your question to the 
Frame Developers group on Yahoo .. 


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

John Smart wrote:
> Further to Maxwell Hoffman's post on Kanji (Japanese )menus. Can 
> anyone from
> Adobe Asia advise on customer FDK localization in Simplified Chinese. 
> We are
> also looking for a quick solution with the FDK.
> The task is easy in single-byte with one line of code as shown below. 
> The question
> Maxwell may be asking is support for double-byte at the system level.
> F_ApiDefineAndAddCommand(TRANS_DOC, menuId6, "tr2", "Translate 
> Document",NULL);
> Like to hear from FM users in China, especially in financial 
> publications.

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