At 08:37 -0800 31/1/07, Frank Stearns wrote:

>I routinely use what I call a "reference" or "resource" file. It's not part of 
>the printed book, but other files cross-reference to this file for various 
>bits of info, such as version info, part #, etc.
>You could list your edition info for each chapter in such an external file, 
>then in each chapter doc xref to this reference doc to pick up the appropriate 
>info for the footer. If something changes, you simply make a content change in 
>the ref doc and regen the book, rather than copying formats around.
>Doesn't take too much to set it up, and I always had more confidence in this 
>approach rather than copying vars around because as you noted above, it's easy 
>to break something by copying formats.

I was grunting my way through this when Frank's mail came in. You could 
implement this idea with named reference flows, too, either located in an 
external document, or on a reference page in each book document.

If you consider the latter option, beware of a FrameMaker 'gotcha' I hit 
yesterday: if a text inset imports a named flow from one of its own reference 
pages, the link to the reference flow breaks if you rename the file.

Grant Hogarth calls this a 'fugly': great word, although I have no idea what it 
means - a manifestation of the Law of Unintended Consequences, maybe.


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