rebecca officer wrote: 

> Got it!!
> For anyone else who wants to do the same, the solution was:
> 1. Close FM.
> 2. Back up maker.ini, then in the [WindowsToFrameFontAliases] 
> section of maker.ini, replace this line:
> Courier, Italic, *=Courier, Oblique, *, Regular with this line:
> Courier, Italic, *=CourierItalic, Oblique, *, Regular
> This makes FM call the italics Courier font "CourierItalic".

Well, that's both more clever and cheaper than buying Fontographer! :-)

> 3. Open FM. Define the character tag to use CourierItalic 
> instead of Courier.
> Thanks very much for your help, Richard. There's no way I'd 
> have worked it out by myself. And once I had more of an idea 
> what to google for, I found a post by Shlomo Perets that was 
> very helpful too, so Shlomo, if you're reading this, thanks too.

I'm glad my rather shaky memory provided enough hints to put you on the
right track. 


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