Denise Kadilak wrote:

> We cannot determine how to call a user variable in FrameMaker for the
> entire .book file. For example, I know how to import variable
> definitions at the .book level. However, if I want to call a user
> variable definition for an entire .book file, I cannot tell how to do
> that? I have checked FrameMaker books & help files. <snip> 

You can't find information on how to "call" a user variable because there's no 
such thing as "calling" a user variable. What do you mean by that phrase? 

You create a variable, and then you insert it where you want the variable's 
value to appear. For instance, you create a new variable named CompanyName, 
give it the definition "Acme," and import it to all the files in your book. 
Whenever you want "Acme" to appear in your book, you insert the CompanyName 
variable (press Esc s v to open the Variables dialog box, select CompanyName 
from the list, and click Insert). No "calling" necessary or possible. 


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