I am not aware of such a feature in FrameMaker (unless there is some sort of 
plug-in out there.) There is a shortcut you can use when searching for 
combinations of conditional text.
1) insert your cursor into text that has the combination of conditions you are 
searching for
2) when you open the FIND menu and choose "Conditional Text" ... The 
Conditional Text Menu will open up showing your current text insertions 
settings. When you click "set", that is what you are searching for.

... You can create a simple "FIND" boilerplate document that has lines of text 
with the combinations of conditional text you wish to search for. You can 
insert your cursor in the desired instance, set up a new search, then go to 
your target document and start searching.

I hope this tip provides some relief. Your suggestion is a great feature 

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>Subject: Saving "Find" definitions
>Hi Group,
>Is there a way to define and keep several different Find
>parameters, enabling you to quickly perform recurring searches?
>For example, if I regularly need to search for a particular
>condition or variable, in addition to occasionally searching for
>text, is there something that will save me the tedium of
>redefining the Find parameters each time?
>Menahem Rosen

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