It sounds to me like you have the book file has the numbering
properties set to restart the paragraph numbering in each chapter
files. It's important to remember that numbering properties set
in the book file (by highlighting components in the book window,
then right-clicking and shoosing Numbering Properties in the
context menu) override any settings that are made in the
individual files so that you can use the same component files
in multiple books that may have different numbering setups.

And are you remembering to execute the Update Book command
to refresh all the numbering after you make any changes in the
book-level numbering properties? The numbering does not update
on the fly when you chang ethe setup; you must explicitly tell
FrameMaker to perform the update.

-Fred Ridder

>From: William Abernathy <william at>
>To: framers at
>Subject: Paragraph numbering issue
>Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2007 11:07:09 -0700
>All: I'm having a difficult time finessing this one, and I think I need 
>someone to help me come at it from a different angle. I have chapterwise 
>paragraph numbers that I want to reset on every chapter break, and I have a 
>set of requirement numbers that I want to sustain across chapter 
>boundaries. Hence:
>Section 5.10.6
>       blah blah
>       Requirement 47: Thou shalt Foo
>Chapter 6
>Section 6-1
>       blah-blah
>       Requirement 48: Thou shalt Bar
>The problem is that I still end up with:
>Section 6-1
>       blah-blah
>       Requirement 1: Thou shalt Bar
>The current Heading p-tags are: C:<$chapnum>.<n+>.< =0>< =0>< =0>< =0>< 
>=0>\t (for Heading1, outputting "N.1   [Section Title]" and resetting all 
>subheadings in the C: series). At the chapter break, the Chapter title 
>P-tag resets the entire series with C:<$chapnum>.< =0>< =0>< =0>< =0>< =0>< 
>The current Requirement p-tag is: R:Requirement <n+>
>I have set the paragraph numbering properties to continue paragraph 
>numbering from chapter to chapter, under the theory that the C: series will 
>be reset by the chapter title regardless. Nonetheless, the R: series 
>doggedly resets at the chapter breaks. As things stand, I'm having to cook 
>up a fudge p-tag setting at the chapter breaks, which is obviously 
>What am I doing wrong?
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