Thanks, Mike. I knew I shouldn't have posted to the list so late in the
day! Yes, I know the DTD doesn't define the text formatting, but I'm
still new enough to this that my brain is a little fried...

Which is also why I neglected to say that the sample I sent was not
meant to be XML code per se, but just to illustrate the tagged elements
in FrameMaker and where the line break is currently v. where I want it
to be.

What I didn't understand is why each element is automatically in its own
paragraph; I'm assuming it's because I'm specifying paragraph formatting
for the elements, and that's why you're recommending TextRange
formatting instead? (I'm going to try this out...)

Thanks muchly!

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> Lin,
> The method you used to solve your problem is perfectly valid. 
> Another possibility is to assign paragraph level formatting 
> to the BugNum element and assign TextRangeFormatting to the 
> Number and Title elements.
> You  don't use a DTD to define how the text looks. In XML, a 
> DTD does not define how text looks, it defines the semantic 
> structure of a document. It's basically just the general rule 
> from the EDD. This is different from structured Frame, where 
> the EDD defines the semantic structure of the document and 
> provides formatting information.
> For all practical purposes, the two XML samples you provided 
> are identical. If you were to use the XML in non-Frame work 
> flow, you would need to create an XSL transform or use some 
> other method to provide the formatting.
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> Hi all-
> I'm still plodding along in my downtime, setting up a 
> structured application so that eventually I'll be able to 
> import XML data from our development (bug-tracking) database. 
> I have the basics working, but I'm not sure how to break up 
> the bug (er, feature) information. Right now I just have an 
> element, BUG, that has a general rule of BugNum, Description. 
> BugNum = Number, Title. I want these to be separate elements 
> because they're separate fields in the bug tracking system. 
> But I want the number and title to be in a single paragraph.
> What do I need to do? I've worked around it by assigning 
> Number a special run-in paragraph format, but in the long run 
> I want to get away from formatting in FrameMaker as much as 
> possible, and use the DTD to define how the text looks.
> So what I have is:
> <BUG>
>   <BugNum><Number>Bug 1234: </Number>
>   <Title>Yet Another Bug in the System</Title></BugNum>
>   <Description>It don't work so good.</Description> </BUG>
> What I want is:
> <BUG>
>   <BugNum><Number>Bug 1234: </Number><Title>Yet Another Bug 
> in the System</Title></BugNum>
>   <Description>It don't work so good.</Description> </BUG>
> I can provide my EDD if that'll help diagnose what's missing; 
> I just don't know what else would be helpful at this point.
> Thanks very much!
> Lin
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