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>I know it's not an answer to the question you are asking, but my
> advice would be to eliminate the .backup files from the outset by
> turning off the "automatic backup on save" option.
> I do recommend the "autosave" option, on the other hand. That
> feature has saved my bacon on several occasions when FrameMaker
> has exited unexpectedly.

The autosave feature scares me. I work out of a home office, and we have 
roaming cats. If one walks across a keyboard, it can add or delete all kinds 
of things in a document. Autosave will happily save the fouled up version. 
If you're away from the keyboard, it's possible for autosave to run more 
than once, overwriting even the .backup.fm file. I've made it a habit to hit 
Ctrl-S regularly, instead.

Mike Wickham 

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