Yes, Microsoft Word (Windows only) provides this support.
InDesign ME offers this support (both platforms); maybe future
versions of InDesign might also natively support right-to-left.

            - Dov


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I am sure that this question has been "kneaded" 100 times, on this list,

but I've missed it...

Is there a S/W application or DTP S/W that is used for 
Arabic, Farsi (left to right) languages in popular use, today?



Dov Isaacs <isaacs at> wrote:

Absolutely NOT!

FrameMaker does NOT support right-to-left languages
such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Farsi. You can type the
Unicode characters, but they will appear left-to-right
and the various language rules (context sensitive rules,
ligatures, etc.) are not obeyed.

- Dov

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> Does anyone know, does Frame 8's unicode support mean that it will now
support languages like Persian
> and Dari?
> Thanks.
> Paul

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