Look for the wwp-users yahoo group 

It's taken me a bit to comprehend the ePP Formats, Targets and sundry 

Format = changes to  whatever the base help is you're using (i.e. CHM vs WWH)

Targets = changes to your specific output. e.g. I have a help and a 
knowledgebase both based off of WebWorks Help 5.0. However, I want the look and 
feel for each to be different. Therefore I have two directories in my Target 
directory, one for each type of output. 

If I am making a change to BOTH my outputs, I do it in the Format/WebWorks Help 
5.0 directory. Changes to specific to output, I put in the Target/Help or 
Target/Knowledgebase directories as appropriate.

I started playing with a skin with my knowledgebase, and have had success 
making my changes in the Target directory. (I"m not on my work computer so I 
can't give you a directory structure right now.

What specifically are you trying to do?



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