Mellel is fully adapted to multilingual text processing; it is perfect
for right to left languages (it is made by an israeli company), and
treats beautifully asian languages as well. It is fully Unicode
compliant (including SIP characters).
It is an excellent word processor, far superior to Word. However it is
far from being a replacement for FrameMaker, as it lacks Frame's layout
capacities. Moreover, for the time being, it lacks cross-reference
capacity ... It is also MacOSX only.

Sam Beard (sbeard at said on 27/07/07 at 11:23 :

>   I recently bought an issue of a UK Mac magazine that included a CD
>with a fully licensed version of Mellel on it. I haven't installed it on
>my system at home, however. I've considered it, but haven't really felt
>the need to do so at this time. For my written document needs at home,
>Apple's iWorks does fine for me. I THINK the Mac magazine is Mac Format,
>but I'm not sure and I loaned it out to a new Mac owner, so I can't
>check it, either. I'm ALLEDGEDLY going to get it back at some point. ;-P
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>OI Analytical
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>Peter Courlis asked
>"Is there a S/W application or DTP S/W that is used for
>Arabic, Farsi (left to right) languages in popular use, today?"
>Dov replied:
>"Yes, Microsoft Word (Windows only) provides this support.
>InDesign ME offers this support (both platforms); maybe future
>versions of InDesign might also natively support right-to-left"
>I think it used to be the case on the Mac that right to left language 
>docs were mainly created in Nisus ( The OSX 
>upgrade of Nisus still does it, but you might want to enter "Hebrew" 
>in the user forums search and read some of the posts. The new kid on 
>the block is a word processor called Mellel 
>( which looks like it would be well 
>worth investigating. In fact, it may even be a plausible replacement 
>for FrameMaker for (English) technical writing on the Mac.
>Graeme Forbes
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