At 12:17 -0700 30/7/07, Angela Akridge wrote:

>I'm using Frame/WebWorks to produce manuals and online help. I use so
>many different market types. I find that it's quiet easy to
>accidentally delete markers.

Indeed it is.

>I use markers to produce the context-sensitive help, index markers,
>hypertext makers, etc. My headings are getting pretty darn crowded. Do
>you know of any best practices to prevent against accidentally
>deleting markers?

It would be a good enhancement for FrameMaker to have an optional warning for 
marker deletion, in the same way that it does for hidden conditional text. In 
the meantime, all I can suggest it:

. Always work with markers visible

. Never overlay markers, such as an index marker on top of a cross-reference 

I don't know if there are any plug-ins to enhance marker handling: there might 

>(I use different colors so that I can distinguish one marker type from
>another, and this helps alert be to a marker, but this isn't really
>help with my immediate concern.)

Must look pretty, though.


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