You can open FM7 files/books in FM8 without problem, and you can save 
FM8 files/books to FM7 .. so in theory you should be fine. I think that 
the only place you'll run into trouble with the FM8 -> FM7 save is if 
you're making use of FM8 features. If your files started off as FM7 
files, I'd think that it should be OK. However .. YMMV .. to be sure, 
grab the trial and give it a test drive.


John Sgammato wrote:
> I called Adobe Sales, and after some other business asked that question.
> He put me on hold while he consulted with the Support group. Considering
> how big Adobe is, it is certainly possible that there are multiple
> Support groups with different information. 
> Do you know if you can convert a book from Fm7 to FM8, update it, then
> save it as FM7 and port it successfully to ePublisher Pro? That would
> remove a stopper for me! 
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> The SaveAs dialog includes FM7.0 as an export option, and it seems to
> work for me. Did Adobe Support really say that?
> ...scott
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> John Sgammato wrote:
>> The concern goes beyond plugins - my workflow goes from FM7.2 to 
>> ePublisher Pro, but ePub is not FM8-ready and probably won't be in 
>> time for my big October release. According to Adobe Support, FM8 docs 
>> can't be saved as FM7.2 docs, either. That would mean that I cannot 
>> upgrade to
>> FM8 until I know ePub is ready, or else I change to Mif2Go (which is 
>> FM8-ready.
>> john
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>> I've got quite a few plugins for my current version of FrameMaker
> (7.1).
>> Does anyone know if any, most, or all of these will become useless 
>> under FrameMaker 8?
>> I'm anxious to upgrade to FrameMaker 8, but worry that I'll actually 
>> lose some functionality until the various plugin vendors produce 
>> updates.
>> Mike Wickham

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