My apologies in advance - I know that this has been discussed before on
the list, but I can't find it in the archives. I have a graphics folder
for a Frame book that contains not only all of the graphics that are
imported by reference into the various book files, but also, a bunch of
graphic that I don't need to use anymore, that are outdated and/or
incorrect graphics and so on. Before I check all of my folders into
ClearCase, I want to delete these "junk" graphics that are just taking
up space. How do I go about generating a list of what graphics are
actually used where in the book.  (I obviously want to compare this list
to the actual directory contents and nuke those from the directory that
don't appear on the list.) If I had only a small amount of graphics, I
could do this manually, but I have over several hundred graphics (it's a
BIG book), so . . .



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