I know this has been asked 8 billion times, but I can't access the 
Frameusers.com search function.

We're moving slowly and painfully to a DITA solution, so we have stuff in 
FrameMaker, and stuff in XML. We have a pure XML DITA tool set (not FrameMaker 
for DITA) and FrameMaker 7.1.

I have one chapter that's in XML that we use our tools to turn into a PDF.

I then will add this PDF to the end of a PDF generated from our FrameMaker 

I know I can add bookmarks in  Adobe Acrobat.

I know that I can use a hypertext marker  "message openfile pathname" to open a 

1. Is there a way to open to a specific heading in a PDF? 
2. If I add the XML source PDF to the end of a FrameMaker source PDF in Adobe 
Acrobat to create a single PDF, is there a way to create/keep Xrefs?



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