Hello all,
I'm having issues with outputting my file into PDF from FM.
I have two fonts with the same XUID and so they get messed up on the 
Distiller. These two fonts have very different look and so come out messed 
up on the RIP as well - randomly bolded or thinned. I have checked all my 
Distiller and PDF settings and it does boil down to these two fonts. The 
fonts have different names but the IDs are the same.

Is it possible to handle it without re-generating fonts and removing IDs so 
they don't conflict?

It's a bit troublesome to get into the fonts and change them around. My 
publisher is quite far away and it takes time to test the files.

Is there any way to simulate the RIP output without actually outputting 
anything on paper?

I'm using FM 7.1p116 Acrobat Distiller 6.0 (1.6)


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