I've been printing this book for years; printed it several times in the last
couple of weeks with no problems; now all of a sudden, it won't print. I'm
making a .pdf. 

First I get a message saying "Cannot print some imported images (note I have
no imported images, only referenced ones!), then when I click OK, "A problem
occurred during printing."

Removing a largish color image from the cover page eliminates the first
message; OK, so far so good. But I have to turn off both "Generate Acrobat
data" and "Print to file" to get it to print, and then of course, I don't
have my links in the finished .pdf.

Been here before, but it's always been something like trouble opening a
chapter because of unavailable fonts or broken links. Easy to beat by
pre-opening all files. This time my bag of tricks doesn't work. What's up?

[FM 7.0; Windows XP; Acrobat Pro 6.0]

Al Friend
Safety Officer, Tech Writer/Editor
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

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