I had a similar experience. I inadvertently interrupted the Acrobat 8.1
update while it was in progress. I then discovered that I couldn't access
any printer driver - even a PCL driver that is unrelated to Acrobat. My
printers folder appeared to be completely empty. All the printer drivers
were hidden.

I ran Help > Check for Updates again in Acrobat. The update took about half
an hour or more. When the update was complete, it prompted for a reboot.
Printing then worked fine. All the printer drivers were restored to the
printers folder with their original configuration.

David Shaked (Wernick)

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Subject: Acrobat 8.1 stops FM print
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Only a warning.

After the install of the 8.1 upgrade of Acrobat Professional, FrameMaker
(7.0 and 7.2) reports that it can't print a PS file and doesn't save as PDF.
I did a uninstall and a new installation (without the upgrade) and now all
is ok.


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