A similar question was asked and answered on-list last week. 

The most common cause of the behavior you describe is when
the chapter title is in a separate frame that is not properly 
connected to the frame(s) for the main text flow. Check your
master pages.

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I've started to get a strange problem when printing to pdf from some
newly created files.

I've got a Chapter Title paragraph style - Chapter:TitleBook, and a
Heading one style - Head:1Book
I have the pdf settings so the Head:1Book tags are indented once from
the Chapter:TitleBook.

However the pdf bookmarks always come out with the Head:1Book headings
above the Chapter:TitleBook heading.

Am on Frame 7.2p158 on WinXP Pro and Acrobat 7 (it's also the same for
Acrobat 8)

When I create a Frame TOC, this has everything in the right order.

I've got other books/files which convert fine with the identical set up.
Any ideas what I could have done wrong?



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