Well --- as an initial thought....
If you have the list of terms to be indexed, you could do a S&R on each
term to get the count for that term.  That's a pain for 1300 terms, but
there as S&R tools that can be scripted. (alternatively, there are
concordance tools that can list the number of occurances of a list of
That would get you a scope.
Alternatively, you could take a few sample pages, count the number of
index entries that would be needed on each page, average them, and then
extrapolate for the entire document.

As for what/how to charge... That's not something I can advise you on.
Per term? Per entry instance? Per hour?
If the indexing is simply "...the eggs[egg] were found in the
nest[nest]..." "Canadian troops [Canadian:troops, troops:Canadian] were
deployed..." that's pretty simple.
However, when it gets to 3rd order entries, that starts to be more
"... to Afghanistan [Canadian:troops:Afghanistan, troops:Canadian:in
Afghanistan; Afghanistan:Canadian troops in] as part of the Global War
on Terror" 

And if you have to do alternative usage [soldiers: See troops.][military
forces See also armies; see also navies, see also air forces], those get
even more problematic.

Hope I've not confused the issue.
There is a Indexers list (Index-L) that might have some helpful

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Hi all,

I know some of you guys do indexing a lot. I have been asked to quote
doing an index in Pagemaker (sorry). There are 1300 terms that are to be
listed in the index. In Pagemaker, as in Framemaker, I would need to add
an index entry for each instance of the term in a 300 page book. I have
no idea how may entries will need to be entered.

Does anyone have any idea the best way to quote something like this.


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