David Bills wrote:

> Also, the compare document feature mentioned in a previous 
> e-mail doesn't do a good job identifying changes in tables or 
> graphics. It also introduces conditional text to the 
> document, which adds a layer of complexity to the document. 
> It's a useful tool, but probably not the best solution for 
> your situation.

In my limited experience, it marks the whole table if more than a
certain percentage of it changed; how big a deal that is depends on your
docs, I suppose. I don't recall any oddities with graphics, but maybe
they just didn't impact me enough to make an impression. 

The conditional text is entirely optional. To see only change bars: 

1) In the Compare Documents dialog, click Options. 
2) In the Comparison Options dialog, set Mark Insertions With to
3) Set Mark Deletions With to Replacement Text and make sure the
replacement text box is empty. 

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