I would like to add a few notes of confusion. I have many fonts, perhaps too 
many. To my certain knowledge I have only installed one font myself (Goudy).

My fontcache.dat is over 2 megabytes. However, I am not experiencing 
problems. I thought "too many fonts" was a big problem for Windows 98 and 

I am happily generating pdfs with the new distiller from ANY application. 
And "save as" works fine for me with FM 7.2.108 running on XP SPII.

I also do not want to remove fonts as I do not know which fonts are 
propriety to some applications.  SPSS and Harvards Graphics have ranges on 
their own.

I would like to know however, how can I get FM from using Times, because I 
always get that message "Could not find Times, using Times Roman OK?" which 
is a minor minor annoyance.

I hope some font guru can help everyone here.

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