>> When I check the "print to file" box, Frame does generate the .ps file,
from which I am able to produce a PDF successfully (and it seems to be
consistent).  However, when the Adobe PDF printer is selected, this can
be quite a bit slower (several minutes vs. less than 20 seconds) than
when a physical printer is selected (although - I guess because the
printer is monochrome - the resultant PDF loses all colour information). <<

If your PDF is coming out monochrome instead of color, one possible cause is 
if you have the Adobe PDF virtual printer set to use the wrong driver. Open 
the printer properties dialogue for Adobe PDF (Start Menu> Printers and 
Faxes, right-click on Adobe PDF), look on the Advanced tab, and see which 
driver is specified. It should be "Adobe PDF Converter." If you've got it 
set to use a different driver, such as a the Generic Postscript driver, this 
could be the cause of your problem.

Mike Wickham

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