Can I ask the list members for some tips on various FM techniques? I am
using FM 7.2. Most of these questions (except #6) are about techniques that
are easy to use in Word, and I haven't yet found an FM equivalent.

1. Navigation techniques. Are there quick ways, such as shortcut keys, to do
the following:

   a. Display the book window?
   b. After following a cross reference (Alt+Ctrl+Click), go back to the
cross reference?
   c. Go back to the last place that I edited?
   d. Go to a specified page number in a book, if it is not within the
currently displayed *.fm file?

2. Is there a way to display the same document in two windows or in a split

3. What is the best way to create a TOC or index conforming to a predefined
template? The method that I have used so far is the following:

   a. Copy the TOC and index templates to the document directory.
   b. Rename the files according to the convention <bookname> and
   c. Open the *.book file and choose Add > TOC or Add > Standard Index. FM
places the TOC and index in the above files and adds them to the book.

   Is that the right way?

4. On one computer, I accidentally moved my toolbar (the Quick Access Bar)
to a floating position within the document window. How can I can move it
back to the docked position at the top of the FM window? It refuses to dock.

5. If I shorten a document, I need to manually delete the blank pages at the
end of the document. Shouldn't the pages disappear automatically?

6. Can I create a book of books? My idea is to create a "super-book" that I
can use for global operations such as find/replace or import-formats
throughout a documentation set. However, I must be careful not to
inadvertently change the page and chapter numbering or corrupt any XRefs
while doing this.

Thanks in advance.

David Shaked (Wernick)

AlmondWeb Ltd.
Technical Documentation * Web Development * Word and WebWorks Consultants

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