At 09:11 -0400 20/6/07, Parcell, Michelle wrote:

>Thanks, Steve and Kimber, for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the problem was 
>that I *couldn't* remove it or change it - the tag wouldn't let me manipulate 
>it in any way. However, Winfried Reng did provide a solution that worked and 
>for which I am very grateful:
>Check in the MIF file whether this H1 paragraph at the end
>of the chapter has a property <PgfLocked Yes>. Set this to No,
>save the MIF file, reopen and see, whether you can change the
>paragraph format.

Heavy. I retract my remark about MIF manipulation.

As a matter of interest, how does this flag get set? Is there a control in 
FrameMaker to lock a paragraph like this, or can in only be done in the MIF? 
What is its purpose?


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