FrameMaker seems rather limited in offering language support.
Icelandic hyphenation rules are basically:
1. Between compound words (auto-matic)
2. Before a vowel.

But both rules are subjects to exceptions, but I think that all in all
Icelandic hyphenation rules are rather simple.

My question is: Is it a complex job to set up hyphenation rules for
foreign languages in general?

Of course the basic files are binary, and we can make our own
exception/addition files, but these have shown themselves to be less
than reliable as a lot of postings through the years have shown.

I have tried to search the Adobe knowledge base etc, but find nothing
to shed a light on this. All my gurus are on this list, so here I post
my query. :-)

Thanks beforehand,

Bodv-ar Bjorg-vins-son

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