We are running into a similar problem since upgrading to Acrobat 8 from Acrobat 

  We purchased the CS3 set, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat.

  When we create a Postscript file from FrameMaker 7.2p158, the PDF has random 
missing text. Sometimes complete pages, othertimes maybe a few words in a 

  Of four systems, three are experiencing this problem.

  We have completely removed Acrobat from these machines and reinstalled. I say 
completely because we let Windows delete the Acrobat instance through Control 
Panel, then manually removed all instances of Acrobat 8 from C:\Program 

  Then reinstalled Acrobat from the CS3 DVD. Problem remains.
  One user when so far as to install Acrobat 7, instead of Acrobat 8, problem 
still exists.

  I have deleted the AdobePDF prineter instance and manually created it. 
Problem still exists.

  One thing we are seeing is that the postscript file size is considerably 
larger when the PDF fails.

  4,285 is a good PDF
  4,940 is a corrupted PDF.

  Any have any ideas???

  Please respond directly as I am on Digest.

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