Amy Harvey wrote:

> We have a Para Tag called "Revision" which marks the revision 
> number in the footer of the document.
> When we go to a new revision, we've bee importing the 
> paragraph format into each file in the book... thus having to 
> open each file individually and either change the master page 
> (where the tage is stored) or change the paragraph tag itself 
> with the correct Rev Number.

It's not at all clear what you're doing -- a revision number needs
changing, so you change a paragraph format? Are you using the autonumber
string of the pgf format to hold your revision number? That's not a good
idea. As Karen noted, that's what user variables are for. 

Your description of "importing" formats doesn't sound like importing
formats. Even with your non-variable approach, manual changes to master
pages and pgfs aren't necessary -- if you actually import your change at
the book level, all the files are updated in one step.

Do this: Create a variable called RevisionNumber, define it with your
current revision number, and insert the variable into the Revision pgf
on your master pages (get rid of Revision's autonumber, if that's what
you've been using). When the revision number changes, change the
definition of the variable in one file of the book, and leave that file
open. Then, go to the book window and select all the files in the book.
Select File > Import > Formats. In the Import Formats dialog, set Import

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