Hi all,

Would you believe, I've figured out the answers to all of my questions
that I posted a couple of hours ago. I guess that's one of the benefits
of being a tech writer-I know that if I play with the software for a
while, I'll eventually find what I'm looking for!


Nina Rogers


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Subject: Some questions about importing/resizing screenshots

Hi again,

Many thanks to all of you who responded to my request for "FM Crash
Course" resources. Your input has been of tremendous help. And I'm sure
many of you will be glad to know I've (mostly) been able to find
information I need, rather than firing off questions to this list every
two minutes!

But now I have a question about graphics. In Word, I would just Insert >
Picture > From File and the selected screenshot would appear in Word as
the same size (in inches) as the actual screenshot, and then I would
adjust the size to fit as needed. In Frame, I can't figure out how to
make an imported screen shot smaller without turning the screenshot text
into chicken-scratch. Should I be saving these screenshots into a
particular format? (I'm using FullShot for screenshots.) I was using
GIF, then switched to JPG ... but I must admit that my knowledge of
graphics formats is very limited. (I miss the days when I worked
side-by-side with a graphic designer!)

I am copying the screenshot files directly into the document, not
importing by reference. This manual will be seen in two forms by the
users: as a print manual (if they ever open it, ha ha), and as a PDF, so
I'd like to go with a graphics format that would be good for both. 

Also, I'm using a template that has a side head. How can I make it so an
imported screenshot will "straddle" the two columns (of the side head
and body paragraph). I wasn't planning to have it do that, but I want to
be able to have the option, in case I'm using a large screenshot with
lots of text on it.


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