Good guess. Fixing was no sweat with the trusty file comparison
summary, which I would've used anyway. 


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> >  So--while working in FrameMaker 7.0p579 (XP) I thought that I was 
> > entering words into the Find field of the Find/Change dialog, while 
> > trying to read something elsewhere. But my fingers were hitting the 
> > wrong keys and when I looked up there was a prompt box that said 
> > something like "6 changes have been made this session."
> > 
> > My reflex to close the box was faster than my comprehension, and I 
> > clicked OK, then the box was gone as I realized what I had read. I 
> > didn't know that FrameMaker could produce an on-screen count of 
> > changes per session--probably counting applications of change bars.
> My guess is that your fingers triggered a "replace all" (bad 
> fingers, bad!), and the message was informing you of how many 
> replacements were made. 
> My sympathies and best wishes for finding and undoing the 
> changes. But look on the bright side -- at least it didn't 
> say "643 changes have been made." :-)
> Richard

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