Dear Mr. Davidson:

Please accept my sympathy, and also my thanks for taking the time to 
inform us during this exceptionally difficult time for you.

In 1995 the Framers List lost another frequent contributor, Carol 
Odlum, to brain cancer. Carol had been particularly helpful to me 
with a number of issues. No doubt there have been many others over 
the years whose disappearance from the list was due to an untimely 
death from cancer.

My own wife is a breast cancer survivor. Since her surgery in 1994, 
there have been a number of scares, but they all proved to be false 
alarms. Your message reminds me of how fortunate I am, and of how 
much I share the sentiments of your epitaph.

Graeme Forbes


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>Subject: OT:  Martha Jane Davidson, 1956-2007
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>Martha Jane Davidson (editrix at, a long-time contributor to
>the Framers list, died 12 June 2007 after a long struggle with breast
>Martha and I had 14 beautiful, wonderful years together.
>"I think not how sad it will be when you are gone, but rather how empty
>it would have been had you never come."
>[Author unknown]

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