Hi, Rob:

I know a lot about FrameMaker, but I tremble when trying to engage
with statistics in any specific way. I am quite comfortable with
sweeping generalities and fuzzy logic.

Rather than treat your number differences as problems, I'd take the
statistical approach of determining what factor affects what what
result. So, here's a suggestion that you might find useful: identify
the source(s) of your result(s), then change as needed.

* Begin with a clean "before" example. Save a copy for safety.

* Create and apply a uniquly-colored character format in the
specification for each index; each should have all properties set to
As Is, except for color.

* Regenerate the indexes, reimport as before, and you'll see which
specification is responsible for which page size.

* Change settings and regenerate until you've achieved the desired result.

Unless I'm overlooking something, there's no need to document how many
trials it takes to identify and resolve each instance, not to
correlate how many cups of coffee become necessary to maintain the
clarity of the experimenter<G>.


On 6/23/07, Rob Shell <rshell at iafrica.com> wrote:
> Hi Framers:
> I have generated several independent indexes. However the page number font
> size is not constant for the same level. Thus I will have for example:
> Cape
> 1657-1750 54
> 1680-1730 36
> The page number "36" is oversize (actually it is the paragraph number).
> I seem to think that the answer must lie in the reference pages, but the ref
> page headed "Index Specifications is only one of three which appears to
> control the size of the font in the index.
> I have been importing formats. Have I inadvertently overloaded the index
> specifications?

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