Hi Helping Hands,

  Ok. now I have to ask.

  I have a huge FM7.0 (Windows XP) manual with 5 guides. Every guide has 
Thumtabs for each chapter out of which only one guide's thumbtabs are working 
properly. I have tried  to figure out the mess, for so long. After a long long 
search I could unfold the treasure-secret of markers Header/Footer $1 and 
Header/Footer $2. Ok.

  Now the problem is this. Each thumbtab is an image of a globe in which appear 
the chapter number. The marker contains only the chapter number but I am not at 
all able to figure out how the globe is moving up and down as the chapter 
number progresses.

  Some points that I could figure out:
* Each chapter start has $header_footer1 set to the chapter no. (hard coded)
* the thumbtab image in the master pages remain in the same position for every 
(Still the tabs move when seen in body pages )
* the thumbtab image also holds a place (text frame?) for Runnung H/F4.

  Do I have to provide any more details?
  Please help.


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