John Milligan wrote:

> And darn. I had hopes there was a way.  One would expect the 
> capability in F-M...

But there is a way -- two, in fact, and Debbie, Art, and Stuart
explained them pretty clearly. All you need to do is either: 

(1) Import variables from your title file to the other files in the
book, and put the Doc Title and Doc Type variables in your headers. To
update all the headers, fix the master pages of one chapter and import
its master pages to the other chapters. BTW, you can import formats to
multiple files at once by selecting the files to be updated in the book

(2) Instead of variables, use cross-references to the title* in your
headers. Again, once you have the x-refs set up in one chapter, you can
import its master pages to the others. 

So, what capability is it that you're missing? Either of the above
methods is simpler than what you were trying to do. Both work.

* If you insist on using two different paragraphs for the book title,
you'll need two x-refs.


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