This should happen automatically, if you created the table in FM. If, however, 
it was pasted in from elsewhere as RTF (for example), FM doesn't recognize the 
first row as the header row. I know of two ways to fix this:

* Select the "heading" row, right-click and choose Add Row or Column, change 
the Row(s) selection to "To Heading", and click Add. Then, move the text from 
the former "heading" row into the new heading row you just inserted and delete 
the old row.

* Rick Quatro's TableCleaner plugin provides a right-click function to convert 
selected rows to heading or footer rows...and lots of other neat tricks for 
working with tables, especially the foibles that come with pasting from other 
programs. I've found it well worth the money.  ;-)

Others may provide additional insight.

Rene Stephenson

Nina Rogers <Nina.Rogers at> wrote: Hi Framers,

I have a table runs from one page to the next. I've put in the "table
continuation" variable, but I can't figure out how to repeat the table
header rows. Can someone help?  Thanks!

Nina Rogers, Technical Writer

Tax Development (Federal)

Drake Software

(828) 524-8020 ext. 1724 at


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