John Milligan wrote: 

> Initially I wrote to ask for help solving a problem involving 
> variables sprinkled throughout a book, liberally throughout 
> each chapter. My question was, is there a variable I can 
> change and run through an entire book that'll put the book 
> title in the page header of every chapter?
> The general responses seem to be (1) nope, not in FrameMaker 
> and (2) why don't you try using cross-references? Or import 
> the variables from my title chapter into every other file?  I 
> am bemused by the lack of interest in what I think is a 
> potentially valuable feature for FrameMaker.

John, you're either being obstinate or obtuse. "Nope" has *not* been the
general response. Forget cross-references, they're a distraction. The
general response, stated half a dozen different ways, is that
FrameMaker's variable functionality does *exactly* what you want your
"super variable" to do, and does it *easily*, if you'll just
_learn_how_variables_work_ and how to make variable (and other format)
definitions _consistent_ across the files of a book. 

Maybe FM's manual/help and we list members haven't explained it to you
well enough. Or maybe you're simply so certain that you (an FM newbie)
know how it *ought* to work that you'd rather bitch than learn. But I
for one don't appreciate your attitude. 


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