Without knowing Flare... and assuming you're importing by reference
and not embedding the graphics.
Are the only copies of graphics embedded in the source files already,
or do you have discrete files? I'd look at replacing them with the
original files if possible to avoid the two interpolations...
If not, Photoshop and most heavy-duty graphics editors could do the
entire batch automatically.

On 2/27/07, Paul Pehrson <paulpehrson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Framers,
> My current project is being done in MadCap Flare, with two outputs (WebHelp
> and FrameMaker). I have a question that I hope somebody can help me solve
> for the Frame output.
> Flare has a bug where images that are output for printed docs are scaled
> down about 50%. So when I produce a printed doc, I have to click on every
> image and resize it. I'm resizing it by about 150% to get the size I want.
> How might I create a macro or something that would allow me to resize all
> the images in a document by the same percentage? Is there an easy way to do
> this? It seems like my only option until MadCap resolves the bug, and that
> likely won't be in time for my mid-month deadline.
> Thanks a bunch,
> Paul
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> Paul Pehrson
> Midvale, UT
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