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> Hi all-
> This is a tad off-topic but if anyone can answer this, it's you all.
> Does anyone use the email-based review feature in Acrobat?
> If so, how do you send an updated draft once the first round of comments
> has been incorporated and the PDF regenerated?
> I've R'edTFOH, and of course it's not as helpful as the name would have
> you think.
> Thanks for any help on this
> -Lin


I use e-mail based reviews in Acrobat 7, not 8, so if this has changed, feel 
free to ignore me. :-)

After I've added the changes to my Frame docs and regenerated the PDF, if I try 
to send it for review again, Acrobat says it can't do that because the PDF is 
already part of an e-mail based review. Is that the problem you're having? If 
so, there are two ways around it that I know of:

1. Generate the second PDF with a different name than the first one.

2. In Acrobat, from the Send for Review menu, select Tracker. This shows a list 
of your current reviews. Right-click the earlier review in the list and select 
Remove. You can now send the same PDF for review again.


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