What, exactly, do you mean by Frame's "perversity" in
line wrapping? What, exactly, are you comparing it
with on the XML side? 

Frame's line wrapping actions are dependent upon
settings in the paragraph designer, including: 

* Under Advanced (automatic hyphenation)
* Under Basic (indents).

--- Trevor Nicholls <trevor at castingthevoid.com> wrote:

> Hi
> Our source documents are in XML and we edit in
> structured Frame. I have XSL
> processes running successfully on Open and Save and
> I have no issues with
> the validity of the XML which Frame is giving me.
> However I do have an issue
> with the layout. Because our XML files are managed
> by a source control
> system, I would like to minimize the differences
> between revisions, and
> Frame's apparent perversity regarding line-wrapping
> in particular is making
> this difficult.
> Is it following any rules at all?
> Can we know what they are?
> Can we change them?
> Cheers
> Trevor

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