OK, I'm stumped.  Here's the situation:

I used Framescript to rename a conditional tag before I send a set of
book files out to someone else (renamed it to something making more
sense.)  For this email, consider the tags as OLDTAG and NEWTAG.

I then deleted all unused condition tags using the PGFWhopper plugin.
OLDTAG showed as one of the tags that was deleted, and OLDTAG no longer
exists in ANY document in the book (I checked each file to make sure).
When I check the text with the condition applied, it shows as NEWTAG

However, when I go to show/hide conditions at the book level, OLDTAG
still shows there, and NEWTAG does not.  I've generated/updated the book
file, saved all the files, closed and restarted Frame, and it's still

Any suggestions?


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