I have an annoyance, not really a problem, with my Frame 7.1p116 on XP
and Distiller 7.0.7.

My PDF is distilled at 1439% or 1398% or some such random, 4-digit
figure. After several normal print jobs, something cracks, and I get
this mess. Closing down everything and reopening makes the bug go

I am alert to the problem so I view the Print dialog carefully - I
swear! It always says 100% in the scale box. That is why I suspect
Distiller. I feel that I have to assume FM generates a .ps file that
is going to produce output scaled to 100%, and that Distiller chews it
up somehow.


Ideas as to the whereabouts of this annoyance? I can go for months
without a sign, but now I had the problem twice in one day. My Acrobat
is 7.0.9, but that cannot possibly be the culprit, can it?

Thanks in advance.

regards, Karen Mardahl

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