John Pilla wrote:
> I recall (among other custom) configurations, 
> that when I last used FM (5.5) I was able to customize a file, 
> and thus enable using the arrow keys to navigate within an FM table. 
> (Why Adobe continues to leave this out - is a mystery to me.) 
> However, that was about 7 years ago. 
> So can someone refer me to where, if any - this is documented, 
> or how I might go about configuring FM to enable this? 


Read the Online Manual, Customizing Frame Products (in  your FM install 
directory). I think what you need to do is add some lines to a 
customui.cfg file,

<Modify MoveIPToPreviousCell       <KeySequence /Left >>
<Modify MoveIPToNextCell           <KeySequence /Right >>
<Modify MoveIPToCellAbove          <KeySequence /Up >>
<Modify MoveIPToCellBelow          <KeySequence /Down >>


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