Hi folks

Just posting this in case anyone else has had the same problem.  I 
received a new PC late last year and had to reinstall all my software, 
updates, patches, etc.  I also changed at this time from Win2k to 
WinXP.  I duly installed Frame 6, plus the updates for 405 and XP, plus 
my own customisations (keyboard shortcuts, maker.ini, plug-ins, etc).  
All was well until last week when I tried to open a Frame file with 
missing referenced graphics.  I selected to skip the graphics, and Frame 
crashed.  To cut a long story short, I uninstalled Frame, then 
reinstalled it, making sure I did install the 405 and XP patches, then 
installed my customisations.  I then tried to open the same file and got 
the same result - Frame crashed. 

At this point I remembered that after the first crash, I thought I might 
have forgotten to install the XP patch after I got the new PC.  At that 
point I tried installing it again, and it came up with an error about a 
file not being as expected.  I was pretty sure the file it mentioned was 
fmdlg.dll, so I then suspected that the crash might have happened 
because I have edited fmdlg.dll to increase the size of some dialogue 
boxes (using Resource Hacker).  I replaced my edited fmdlg.dll file with 
the original file and opened the Frame file with missing graphics 
again.  I chose to skip the missing files and it opened with no 
problems.  I went back to my edited fmdlg.dll file and Frame crashed.

I've chosen to keep my edited fmdlg.dll file as the expanded dialogue 
boxes are very useful.  But now I know I can change back to the original 
if I need to open a file with missing graphics.

Has anyone else encountered this problem, or know of a way around it?  
Is it fixed in Frame 7?  I presume not many people have hacked around 
with the fmdlg.dll file, so I may be the only person to come across this 




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