Hypertext markers in generated files with long strings crash FrameMaker 
7.0p578, 7.1p114 , 7.2p158

Steps to reproduce bug:
 1. Create a book with a number of components, including a test-target 
file which is nested deeply in folders so that its relative pathname from 
the *.book file's folder exceeds 143 characters.
 2. Apply a custom condition format to some text in this file.
 3. Generate an index of condition tags with Hypertext markers added to 
 4. Ensure the test target file is closed.
 5. Open the index of conditions generated file and Ctrl-Alt-click the 
entry pointing to the test target file. FrameMaker crashes.
 6. Choose File > Open and open the test target file.
 7. Repeat Step 5.  FrameMaker crashes.
FrameMaker crashes as described above.
 Expected results:
The test-target file should open and display the hightlighted condition 
format. Other Hypertext markers with instruction strings less than 143 
characters do not crash FrameMaker. 
The fact that three versions of FrameMaker crash, and the test-target file 
can be opened in the normal fashion in all three suggests that the file is 
not faulty but that somehow a bug is provoked by an instruction string in 
Hypertext markers that is longer than approx. 143 characters.  One would 
expect that an attempt to create an instruction string longer than 255 
characters would provoke a crash or other unexpected behaviour but the 
string length is well short of this well-known limit.
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