<!DOCTYPE TitleFile PUBLIC "-//CarmenCorp//DTD Carmen//EN" "" [

Instead of:

<!DOCTYPE TitleFile SYSTEM "carmen.dtd">

The correct public identifier is different than the one I show.  You
should know what the public identifier is for the Carmen DTD.  If a
system identifier is used in the XML instance then the system identifier
will be used in place of a public identifier in the application.

In your structured Applications file (structapps.fm) the public
identifier is mapped to a system location.  Something like this:

Public ID:  -//CarmenCorp//DTD Carmen//EN
Filename: $STRUCTDIR\xml\carmen\carmen.dtd

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IIRC, and if you are talking about an XML document, you have to set
the path (can be relative) with the file name.

The following are samples from the XML 1.0 Recommendation
(www.w3c.org) on ENTITY:
Examples of external entity declarations:

<!ENTITY open-hatch
         SYSTEM "http://www.textuality.com/boilerplate/OpenHatch.xml";>
<!ENTITY open-hatch
         PUBLIC "-//Textuality//TEXT Standard open-hatch
<!ENTITY hatch-pic
         SYSTEM "../grafix/OpenHatch.gif"
         NDATA gif >

I think you can use the same convention as in the last example. After
all, this is an URI.

Hope this works for you, but I am not quite sure I remember things
correctly. It is a long time since I have worked with XML.

I'll have a look at it when I get home. I got my XML books there.


On 3/6/07, Rick Quatro <frameexpert at truevine.net> wrote:
> Hello Framers,
> I have a DOCTYPE declaration in an XML document:
> <!DOCTYPE TitleFile SYSTEM "carmen.dtd">
> When I open the XML with FrameMaker, it attempts to find the DTD in
the same
> folder as the XML file. In my application, I have the path set to the
> $STRUCTDIR\xml\carmen\carmen.dtd
> Is there a way to get the parser to look in this location for the DTD,
> instead of in the same folder as the XML file? I am using FrameMaker
> 7.2p158. Thanks in advance.
> Rick Quatro

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