Thanks Lynne,

You are (as always) quite right. :-)

For the Chapter I just change to Title. No problem there.

For the Sections I have set the levels in the section elements and
also the type of section (Regular or Appendix), so this is where the
Section([level#])TOC comes from, but the formatting based on the
Section levels (the indentation etc) is done in the Head element. What
puzzles me is how would I combine the level setting of Head and the
level formatting of/in the same element. I have not seen any
_examples_ of that in e.g. the Structure Application Developer's
Guide. I need the level rules for the TOC, don't I?

I am trying this out as I write. I can change the level setting from
Section to Head by only counting ancestors Section in the Head
element? Would that be right? It seems to me that a level rule setting
the context label does not allow for a sub rule. So the question is:
Is it allowed and working to have two different level rules elements,
one setting the context lables and one setting a subrule for different
attributes of the parent element (Section)?

Yes. This works!

Now <$paranum> (in the TOC Ref page) also works.

Thanks again, Lynne.


On 3/10/07, Lynne A. Price <lprice at> wrote:
> Bodvar,
>    I'm guessing that you used to request that TOC entries be created from
> the Chapter and Section elements. When these elements began with a Head, it
> was actually the Head of the selected elements that appeared in the TOC.
>    Am I correct? If so, the explanation is that when an element contributes
> to a generated list such as a TOC, it is information from the first
> FrameMaker paragraph in that element that goes into the generated list.
> Since your heads are always separate paragraphs, you can select a Chapter
> or Section and their heads will appear in the TOC.
>    You have now changed the content, however, so that the Head is no longer
> the first paragraph. You can still set up the TOC to generate the correct
> entries, but you'll have to select the Head elements themselves. Since you
> probably want to distinguish entries for Chapters from those for Sections
> (and perhaps only select higher-level Sections), the technique is to change
> the EDD to that it assigns context labels to Head in various contexts. You
> can then select the appropriately qualified Head elements for your list.
>          --Lynne
> At 02:06 AM 3/9/2007, Bodvar Bjorgvinsson wrote:
> >I changed my EDD for a book I am working on, to show revision status
> >in the sidehead (in a single cell table for the background color) by
> >the chapter title and section headings.
> >The sections are level based and the formatting of Head changes with
> >the level, and I do not use paragraph tags for this.
> >
> >However, what escaped me was that by inserting the set of elements to
> >read the chapter and section revision attributes between Chapter and
> >Title / Section and Head, I am no longer getting the title/head text
> >when setting the TOC up by section levels -- I have to call the Title
> >and Head in order to get the headings into the TOC.
> >
> >In order to get things right, I have to copy by hand the Section
> >references and paste after the RevText, and then delete the marker the
> >Head line and then combine the two by deleting backwards the page ref
> >and tab in the Section line.
> >
> >I know this could be scripted, but is there anyone out there that
> >knows of a different method that will not make things still more
> >complicated, maybe a plug-in that could handle this.
> >
> >There are other manuals I would like to see in a similar way, and I
> >really think Adobe should consider allowing for more flexibility in
> >the TOC making in their next revision. After all, I just want the TOC
> >to call in some elements with reference and relation to a child,
> >sibling or parent.
> >
> >Thanks for reading this on the last working day of the week! Any help
> >or comments would be appreciated. ;-)
> >
> >Bodvar Bjorgvinsson,
> >Air Atlanta Icelandic.
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