Hi Hedley,

I'm not sure why you responded so vehemently to this, though I do
understand, and agree in principle, that contract part-time jobs can be
and often are detrimental to the worker. That isn't always the case,
though. Some people, myself included for the last 10-15 years, like to
have a shorter work week, as we are equally or more involved in other
parts of our lives. Speaking for myself, I am able to do all of the
tasks involved in this job and more, but don't have a desire to do it
for even 30 hours a week---not because the company is a bad place to
work (in fact, I enjoy it quite a bit), but because I like the rest of
the work activities in my life. There are others out there who also
prefer this, and for whom it would be a good match, as it has been for

If you have questions about it and want to talk offline, please feel
free to contact me.

Anna Paganelli


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        I can also walk on water and charge only $780/hour.  As it
happens, I have used FM since v. 3.0 on Sun OpenLook, Solaris, HP-UX,
Macintosh, and Windows, wrote UNIX scripts to capture and automatically
size screen shots, have about 30 FM plug-ins, including IXgen, IndexRef,
etc., and have used mif2go to generate online help and HTML. But if you
imagine that I or anyone else with similar skills are slaveys that can
be turned on and off like a tap, you are making a big mistake.  You
truly deserve anybody who goes to work for you on the conditions you
propose.  Ever consider that people might be doing some other work for
someone else in the 10-15 hours per week beyond your 30 hours?  Are they
going to drop that and come in whenever at your whim?  Get real. 
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        Subject:        Job Opening: Long-Term Contract Publications

        Long-Term Contract Publications Production Opening
        Average 30 hours/week
        To start: April 2007   

        Job Description:
        Need detail oriented, self starter to build and deliver HTML
help and
        PDF documentation for a software group within Cadence. You'll
        production-ready files from writers' FrameMaker source, and
        WebWorks Help, ASCII Help, and PDF deliverables for releases
        FrameMaker, UNIX scripts, WebWorks Publisher and Automap, and
        As needed, maintain templates and troubleshoot FrameMaker
problems for
        Depending on your skill set, you might also create figures and
        illustrations, update scripts, or assist with writing tasks.  
        Later, you'll help convert FrameMaker files to XML-DITA
(authoring tool
        unknown at this time).

        Experience Needed:
        - 5+ years as a production editor or equivalent job title
        - Thorough knowledge of FrameMaker, including knowledge of MIF,
        FrameMaker utilities and add-ons such as IXgen
        - Experience with Adobe Acrobat, including Distiller
        - Experience maintaining FrameMaker templates
        - Experience creating HTML help using WebWorks products
        - Experienced on both PC and UNIX environments
        - Able to read and modify UNIX shell scripts
        Ability to write scripts from scratch is a plus.
        Knowledge of XML and/or experience with XML tools is a plus.
        Experience with Photoshop is a plus.

        Other Requirements:
        - Able to handle multiple tasks and changes to processes at the
        time (stress)
        - Able to flex a nearly full-time schedule to meet the needs of
        department, and
         take time off when things aren't so busy

        Please contact Amy Witherow at amyw at cadence.com for more


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