I remember this bug from Framemaker 5.5.6: 

1.) A Landscape table that extends across more than one page.
2.) ColumnHeaderRow was black with white text for text in
3.) Make a PDF of the Framemaker source file by printing to PS using,
then distilling using Adobe Acrobat.
4.) When printing the PDF, the text in the ColumnHeaderRow for the table
appeared only on the first page for the table. All subsequent pages
showed the table with the black background in the ColumnHeaderRow, but
just white rectangles for the text - not the text itself.

This appears to still be the issue in Framemaker 7.2? At least that's
what I am seeing using Framemaker 7.2, Acrobat Distiller 7.0, and Adobe
Acrobat 7.0 Professional.

I have no choice but to use a landscape table that covers multiple
pages. I tried mucking with the format of the table and changing the
heading row to a white background with black text, but then I just get
the inverted problem accordingly.

Thoughts, suggestions, known patches that I am missing or am I just SOL
for this?



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